How to integrate sustainability, digitalisation and gender equality in education and career guidance

PAFF Thesis Paper

The publication offers an overview of challenges faced by young people preparing for and entering the labour market in an ever-changing world. It advocates for more sustainability education, and it aims at giving teachers and educators an insight on how sustainability should be included in the career guidance of young people. In the first part of the paper, the authors give an overview of the actual context, focusing on the labour market, the path to sustainable development, the digital transformation and the gender stereotypes still affecting career choices. In the second part they present sustainability and digital competences and discuss gender neutral career guidance, showing example of green skills, green jobs, and tips for vocational training orientation for green economy. The paper is part of the Parcours for the Future Project, an Erasmus+ strategic partnership in vocational education and training. The project supports education stakeholders and thereby young people in understanding and being prepared for future challenges and labour market trends. LIFE e.V. is the German partner in the project.

Thesis Paper